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Mistress is another track that was originally featured on the first Daydream EP release (In the Ripples of Madness) and re-done for the LP.

The reason behind re-recording it lies mostly in the fact that the song has changed so much since the original recording. A lot of this is due to various changes & improvements made by Roman upon initially joining the band. Some examples of this would be the initial break before the first verse kicks in, and another break at the ending before the solo.

Some of the Lyrics where greatly inspired by a scene in the greek mythological book known as the "The Illiad (written by Homer)" in which Hera seduces Zues as a sort of distraction.

The main Lead guitar riff was written and inspired by Carlos S.


There’s a strand of light in the red
Perpetuating thoughts won’t go to bed
As they scatter in my head

The lonely tears in her eyes
have turned to memories in disguise
Well-intwined within
thoughts of loveliness

But time it just keeps passing by
A thousand times you’ve crossed my mind
and I wonder why
You’re still not mine

Well she wears her lips painted red
she dances with those devils in your scattered head
on and on again

Fallen feelings descend
Reflections of those lives we’ve lead
And those words unsaid
won’t tell us where you’ve been

You see, time it just keeps passing by
Thousand times you’ve crossed my mind
You’re still not mine


from Pursuit of Madness (LP), released April 11, 2017
A. Beck - Drums
Roman M. - Bass/Harmonies
Chris S. - Guitar/Harmonies

Featured Artist:
Charlie M. - Shaker & Tambourine



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