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True Blue is one of the first Daydream songs written. You may recognize this song from the first Daydream EP (In the Ripples of Madness).

This song was re-recorded along with Mistress since the song itself has changed so much since the original recordings. Vocal style is noticeably different from the first recording, as well as the lead riff which was written and inspired by Carlos S.


True Blue

These day I know, not much is clear
It’s no surprise the time draws near, darling
behind the world you do not see
behind my each and every thoughtless scheme

Could it be you?
Could it be you,
my darling, darling blue
Tell me,
There’s no time to loose your mind
There’s not time to fall behind again
Just like we do,
When its all..*scrambled*
When you fall
Just like we do,
Just like we do

Tell him the ways, you’d like to feel
Its no surprise the time draws near
Behind the words you dare not say
Behind those never ending games we play

Could it be you?
Oh, could it be you?
My Darling, My Darling Blue
Tell me
There’s no time to loose your mind
There’s no time to fall behind again
Just like we do
When its all *scrambled*
When you fall,
Oh darling darling blue,
these things we do…
These wicked things we do
Are really driving me mad
don’t you know?


from Pursuit of Madness (LP), released April 11, 2017
A. Beck - Drums
Chris - Guitar/Vocals
Roman - Bass/Harmonies



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