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Repentance was an older song that finally got structured and set up for the Daydream setlist and was initially recorded just as an internal demo. We ended up keeping the track for the LP.

This song features additional harmonies and organ parts to smoothen out the dynamics.



Can I do right by you?
Even when I’m doing wrong?
(Doing wrong, oh no)
Can i be all, be true?
(Can I be yours?)
Be the silence when its gone?
It don’t make sense at all..
Why, at times, it feels this way.
It don’t make sense at all.
We’re so close, but don’t it feel so far away?
(don’t let it feel so far away)

Has it been hard for you,
Always dreaming on the run?
(Always dreaming, always)
And do you see right through?
(see right through)
All the foolish things i’ve done
Oh how we’ve tossed and turned, again (and again)
In the bosom of each night
We’re things much different then?
Is your..lonely darkness painted white?
Another lonely night.

Oh no, It could all be in my mind
I’m really not so sure
Oh no, it could all be in my mind

Can I do right by you?
Even when i’m doing wrong
(Even when i’m wrong)
Can I be all, be true? Be yours?
(Be yours)
Be the silence in your heart
and as we rise and fall
its all for the moments locked in time
It don’t make sense at all, I know.
It could all be in my mind

It could all be in my mind
I really just don’t know these days
It could all be in my mind
Won’t you show me?
Show me the way.


from Pursuit of Madness (LP), released April 11, 2017
A. Beck - Drums
Roman - Bass
Chris - Vocals/Keys/Guitar/Harmonies



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