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released November 26, 2015



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Daydream Time Machine California


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Track Name: Departure

Leaving town tomorrow, to forget those things we thought we knew
Cellophane Sorrow, Wrapped around your heart of glue
Don’t leave me behind, Your one final regret
Darling I’ve been trying, to get inside your head

Undress your pain and leave your heart to me
Behind those lovely eyes we fall into a dream

Free, we should be.

Leaving town tomorrow, far from all these things we always do
My heart grows hollow, from all the love I stole from you
Just one more time, One Final regret
Tell me its alright, And Ill be gone again

Undress your pain and leave your heart to me
Under those lovely eyes we fall into a dream

Darling, Free, We Should Be.
Track Name: Hidden Love
If I told you darling we could be,
Could be something
I was really trying to believe,
Do you believe me?
Anytime of day, Anytime you need
The doors are open for you to leave
But if we change our minds, Well thats alright
Alright with me

We were only dreaming, drifting on a cloud
waiting for you to come around
Timeless inquisitions, meet you on the ground
Its not my intention to let you down
Everytime we sway...too far away
from all the things we'd like to be
Time will find us wandering down a lonely street
between you and me...and thats alright
Alright with me

Take a hit of love, and let it be, whatever it could want to be

Take a hit of love, and let your loneliness be set free

Take a hit of love, but dont take me.
Track Name: Nika (ft. Josh & Eric)
Have I seen you before..
Some where near the end?
Mistakes aren't so hard to make these days

And your asking me why
I still waste my time
Doing things I know won't change your mind

Open your mind and feel it
Somehow I get the feeling, that you've,
Turned the other way, and turned off the lights
As your passing me by
Reflections of your light
Make their way into my eyes
Track Name: True Blue
These days I know, not much is clear
In a surprise, the time draws near
Behind the world, we do not see
Behind my each and every thoughtless scheme
Still we search for me

Could it be you,
Could it be you, My Darling Blue
There no time to loose your mind,
No time to fall behind again
Just like we do
When its all shoobi-
When you fall, Just like we do.
Just like we do.